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4144 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida  34231
Walt's Fish Market & Restaurant

~ consumption of raw oysters can cause serious illness in persons with liver, stomach, blood or immune system disorders. 

Please use caution  ~ Shell fragments may be present in shellfish, and bones may be present in fish or smoked mullet spread.

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You can order from the menu for pick up, or prepared as you want in house. Brett Wallin also caters all size events and prepares seafood platters within 24 hrs notice to ensure the freshest fish guaranteed at whatever quantity you desire.

Our Local Seafood is Caught by Local Fisherman

Text Box: Our Philosophy:
Patience is a virtue here at Walt’s Fish Market.  
We make each order fresh!
Text Box: Seafood Descriptions:

Amberjack—lean, dense, sweet, unique meat
Catfish—white, fairly mild with unusual texture
Chilean Sea Bass—pearly, white meat, very moist and tender
Cod—delicate, white meat, with mild, sweet flavor
Flounder—very light meat, extremely mild
Grouper—meaty texture, sweet and mild—most popular Florida fish
Haddock—fine, white meat with flaky texture
Hog Snapper—best tasting snapper, light, sweet,  textured meat
Mahi Mahi—flaky, dense meat with sweet, unique taste
Mangrove Snapper—sweet, white meat with medium firmness
Mullet—oily, gamey flavor with nice, flaky texture
Red Snapper—sweetly mild, flaky with medium firmness
Salmon—unique flavor and color, firm texture
Scamp—Grouper family, more textured and sweeter
Swordfish—very dense and oily fish, unique with it’s own unique flavor
Tilapia—firm texture with lightly sweet taste
Triple Tail—white, flaky and delectable meat
Wahoo—white, delicate meat with firm texture, unique, mild taste
Yellowtail Snapper—delicate white meat, light    flavor and texture

We know you’ll love our seafood!

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